Managing multiple Apostle teams

Learn how to switch between multiple Apostle teams in one account.
Written by Stefan Kapteijns
Updated 1 year ago

If you're a user in multiple Apostle teams, make sure you are performing actions in the right account. 

Check your current team

To check which Apostle account you're currently in:

  • In the upper right corner, select your name. 
  • Select Switch Team here. 
  • A menu will appear showing which team you’re currently working in. 

Switch between Apostle teams:

If you have access to multiple teams, you can easily switch after logging in:

  • In your Apostle team, select your name in the upper right corner.
  • Select Switch Team here.
  • A menu will appear showing all of your Apostle teams. Select the team you want to switch to. 

Switch teams in the mobile app

In the Apostle mobile iOS and Android apps, you can switch between teams from the settings menu.

Android & iOS:

  • Open the Apostle app on your device.
  • Tap the Menu icon on the upper right.
  • Select Team and an overview of your teams will open.
  • To access another Apostle team, tap the team name. 

Please note: If you receive a push notification with a suggested post, the right team will always automatically open in the mobile app. You do not have to switch teams before or after opening the push notification. 
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