Setting up default post settings, post timing, and platforms

Learn how to set up default post settings and preferences.
Written by Stefan Kapteijns
Updated 1 year ago

You can fully customize Apostle to your own preferences in terms of default posting times and days. In addition, you can change certain rights of your ambassadors, such as being able to edit posts and connect business pages. 

Setting up default posting times

In the team settings, you can easily set up your default sharing times. This means that you can decide in which time frame your ambassadors will get your suggested posts.

Please note, this only applies to posts for which you select multiple days. For example, you schedule a post between Monday and Friday, and the default posting times are set between 9 am and 5 pm. This means that your ambassadors will randomly receive a post during that week, between 9 am and 5 pm. 
Warning: You can always overrule your default posting times by scheduling a post outside of your default posting times. For example, if you schedule a post at 9 pm and select ‘Now’, the post will be directly sent to your ambassadors and will overrule your default posting times. 


The post-timing settings allow you to customize several important team settings.

Allow users to edit suggestions before posting

If you deselect this option, your ambassadors will not be able to edit posts before sharing them. This applies to both corporate pages and personal pages. Please note that we always encourage ambassadors to edit their posts to keep your content verified and trustworthy for their networks. 

Auto-approve for business pages

By selecting the auto-approve setting, you can allow business page owners to automatically share posts to their corporate pages without the approval flow. Please note that ambassadors will still need to manually switch it on in their mobile app for it to work. This setting will only give them the option to switch it on for their accounts. 

Exclude Saturdays and Sundays

This setting allows you to exclude weekend days while scheduling posts. This means that your ambassadors will never get a suggested post during the weekend.

Please note that you can always manually override this setting by creating a post during the weekend and scheduling it for Now. These settings only apply when you create a post that is scheduled for longer than a week. For example, a post with a time range from Monday to Monday (7 days). 

Default selected platforms

You can select your preferred platforms here. This means that they will automatically be selected while creating your posts. For example, if your ambassadors prefer to only use Facebook and LinkedIn, you can select them here as your defaults. Twitter and Instagram will be automatically deselected while creating new posts in the composer.

Please note that you can always manually add default deselected platforms for each post.
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