Updating team branding

Learn how to customize your team’s branding.
Written by Stefan Kapteijns
Updated 1 year ago

You can fully customize the Apostle web version to your own corporate branding. In the Team Settings section, you can upload your logo and change colors, team name, and app language for your team. 

Changing logo or icon

  • Go to Team Settings.
  • Select Browse Library.
  • Select or upload your logo or icon.
  • Select Save team.
  • You will now see your logo in your dashboard.

Changing colors

  • Go to Team Settings.
  • Change the primary and secondary colors to fit your corporate branding.
  • Select Save team to confirm.
Please note: These colors will change the look and feel of your dashboard. They will affect every call-to-action button, but will also be integrated into your landing page and banner creation in Apostle. You can change the colors at any given time in your dashboard. 

Changing app language

In your Team Settings, you can change the default language of the mobile app for your ambassadors. Normally, the app will identify the language of the ambassadors’ phones and change it automatically. However, if you want to override that setting, you can change the language in your Team Settings. 

  • Go to Team Settings.
  • Change the language to your preferred language.
  • Select Save team. 
Please note: We currently support the following languages: English, Italian, German, Dutch, French, and Portuguese. 
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