Updating your personal information

Learn how you and your ambassadors can update their personal information in the web version of Apostle.
Written by Stefan Kapteijns
Updated 1 year ago

Your team members can update their personal information in the web version of Apostle:

  • Go to your Apostle team (in a web browser) and log in.
  • Click your name on the top right corner of the screen and select Personal Settings.
  • The personal profile settings will now appear and changes can be made. 

What can you change?

  • Avatar: This will update your profile photo in the team. 
  • Name and email address: This will update your name and email address. Please note that changing your email address will also change your username while logging in. 
  • Language: Change your default app language here. 
  • Password: Change your password here.
  • Topics: Subscribe to your favorite topics and let the Social Master know that you’re interested in these types of content. 
  • Account parameters: Update your personal information here. These parameters are created by the admin and can be manually updated by team members through these settings. 
  • Social login: If users prefer to log in through a Social Login, they can connect their accounts here. After connecting these accounts, you can log in to the web version through either Google, Apple, Facebook, or LinkedIn. This will not allow you to share to Google and Apple directly. 

Please note that regular team members will never have access to admin features in the desktop version. They have limited access to the platform and can only make changes to their personal information and upload new content to your Inspiration Wall.
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