Assign an extra approver before scheduling posts

Learn how to assign an additional approver before scheduling your post
Written by Stefan Kapteijns
Updated 1 year ago

In some cases, you'll want your post checked by a colleague or even an expert in the field. You can select an additional approver in the final step of creating a post. 

  • Go to Create post, set up your post, and choose the proper channels in step 2. 
  • In the Send screen (step 3) you can add an extra approval flow to your posting by turning on Assign extra approver before sending.
  • Turn on the switch and select your extra approver. This can be either an admin or a regular user. 

  • Your team member will receive a notification (by email) to approve or reject the post in their Inspiration Wall. Only after this approval, the post is sent to the rest of the team. 
  • If a post gets rejected, you will be notified and are able to change the post based on their comments.  

Important: If your extra approver does not approve the post, the post will not be sent to your team. 
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