Why do I need to reconnect my business or personal account?

Learn about broken connections and why personal and business accounts need to be reconnected.
Written by Stefan Kapteijns
Updated 1 year ago

The access token for both personal and business accounts expires from time to time. While this might seem frustrating, social media platforms perform these actions to keep your account safe and secure. These access tokens have a limited timespan and can expire due to various reasons, such as password changes. 

If a broken connection error is shown in your account, a simple reconnection will repair the account connection. Please follow the steps below to refresh your account:

Important: You will always receive an email stating that your business and/or personal page has been disconnected.

Business pages

These instructions only apply to connected business accounts. 

Web application:

  • Head over to your team.
  • Go to your Personal Settings (right top) and select Business Pages.
  • Search for the broken connection and select Reconnect.
  • Follow the steps to reauthorize your account.
  • Success! You will now be redirected to your team and your business account is now reconnected and ready for sharing!

Mobile app:

  • Open the Apostle app.
  • Select the menu and go to Settings.
  • Search for the broken connection and select the platform.
  • Follow the steps and reauthorize your account.
  • Success! You will now be redirected to the mobile app and your business account is reconnected and ready for sharing. 

Personal pages

In some cases, personal pages also get disconnected from the platform. Different from business pages, these accounts are reconnected during the sharing process. Please note that this only applies to LinkedIn and Twitter accounts, as we don’t offer direct connections with Facebook and Instagram.

If a personal LinkedIn or Twitter account is disconnected, the platform will automatically offer a reconnection request when a new post is suggested. Before sharing, the ambassadors will be automatically redirected to either LinkedIn or Twitter to reauthorize their accounts. This works similarly to the initial connection that is made during the onboarding process. 

Please note that after reconnecting, the social media post will not be automatically shared. The ambassador will have to reshare the post from the mobile app.
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