Switching between multiple Apostle teams

Learn how to switch teams, if you're active in multiple teams.
Written by Stefan Kapteijns
Updated 1 year ago

In some cases, you or one of your brand ambassadors may already be active in another existing Apostle team. You can manage multiple teams with one Apostle account. 

Please note: to manage multiple teams you need to be registered with the same email address in both (or multiple) teams. 

Please complete the following steps to switch between teams in the app: 

  • Open the mobile app and login.
  • Click the menu icon (right top)
  • Select Team in the sidebar and select the team you want to switch to.
  • Your new Team will now open.

Important: if you open a push notification for a suggested post, the Apostle app will automatically open the correct team. You don't have to manually switch after opening push notifications. 

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