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Using the Leaderboard

Learn how the Leaderboard works and how to use it to improve your ambassador program
Written by Stefan Kapteijns
Updated 3 months ago

The Leaderboard feature in Apostle is a fun and simple tool that records monthly performances of all your team members. They can earn points using Apostle and stand-out between their team members and earn rewards.

The criteria for leaderboard points aren’t based on detailed insights that Apostle collects for every client but on two main factors: Posts suggested and posts shared.

Where can you access the leaderboard?

You can access ‘Leaderboard’ through our mobile app. 

  • Launch our mobile app and click on the navigation button on the top right corner of the screen. It will show a navigation bar to access Apostle’s account preferences. 
  • Now, select the Leaderboard

You will see all your team members ranked from #1 onwards based on their activity points. You can decide the monthly winners based on these points.

How does the leaderboard work?

  • The leaderboard resets every first of the month.
  • Users gain 10 points by sharing a post and 20 points by uploading content to the Social Master. The score is calculated based on the amount of shares and uploads of a specific user in that month.
  • Users can only see this month's score but admin can see the score over a longer period of time in the admin web-version of Apostle.

Advantages of Leaderboard feature?

Leaderboard is a fun tool that increases productivity of your team as it creates competition in a fun way and make your team go the extra mile to be on the top of the leaderboard while increasing their Apostle activity. This impacts your team’s performances and also gives a boost to social media activities.

How to implement the Leaderboard feature and take full advantage?

If you want to take full use of the leaderboard feature and boost your team’s performance, the best way it through rewards. Reward your ambassadors according to their positions on leaderboard (e.g. free lunches, gift cards, bottle of wine, salary bonus and more.) This way, you’ll be able to put the leaderboard feature to the best use and boost your results.

Remember, rewards are the key to build habits. Good luck!
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