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What is email suggested?

Learn all about our email only feature and how to use it to your advantage.
Written by Stefan Kapteijns
Updated 3 months ago

Email suggested

This is a list of people you have invited to share a post by email. In the composer you have the option to include ambassadors by e-mail, that aren’t a regular user within the platform.

This is mainly meant for colleagues or business relations that aren't regularly sharing posts. If you type their email addresses in Suggest by e-mail block, they will receive an email with your ready-made post. In turn, they can share the post directly to their LinkedIn or Twitter page via this email. Perfect for including your clients or business relations for a one time share of your new product launch or a successful cooperation.

These relations don’t need to create an account in Apostle but can just share by email by a single click. However, they do need to perform a one time login to either LinkedIn and Twitter in order to successfully share to the platforms.

Important: Sharing to Facebook or Instagram is unfortunately not possible with the email feature. Please use our mobile application for the best experience possible. 

  • Please find the Suggest by email feature in the composer as shown below. Simply add their email addresses to schedule the post for them. They will receive a similar mail as your regular users.
  • The email suggested list in the Team management is simply a list of all the people you have previously added to share by email. This saves you time to re-enter emails every time you create a new post.
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