Connecting personal accounts to Apostle

Learn how to connect the personal social media accounts of brand ambassadors to Apostle.
Written by Stefan Kapteijns
Updated 1 year ago

Your ambassadors are able to connect their personal accounts through the Apostle app. We offer two different ways of connecting for the different platforms:

  • LinkedIn and Twitter
  • Facebook and Instagram

Important: Personal accounts cannot be connected through the account settings in the mobile app. Connecting these accounts happens while sharing the first post!

LinkedIn and Twitter

For both LinkedIn and Twitter, a connection between our mobile app and the ambassadors’ accounts needs to be made before sharing is possible. Connecting happens when they start sharing their first post. Follow the steps below:

  • Schedule a post for your brand ambassadors.
  • The ambassadors open the Apostle app and select LinkedIn and/or Twitter to share on.
  • They will be redirected to LinkedIn or Twitter and need to log in with their personal credentials and accept the permissions. 
  • After a successful login, they will be redirected to the Apostle app. The connection is now made.
  • They need to re-share the post in the app to successfully share the post.

Please note: Apostle does not gain access to personal accounts whatsoever. The connection is necessary in order to make sharing through our mobile app possible. 

Facebook and Instagram

Facebook and Instagram do not require a direct connection, but work through their own native apps. The connection and sharing process is therefore different compared to LinkedIn and Twitter.

  • Schedule a post for your brand ambassadors.
  • The ambassadors open the Apostle app and select Facebook and/or Instagram to share to.
  • A message prompts that the copy of the post is automatically copied.
  • The Instagram or Facebook app will open (only the image will show).
  • The copied text from step three needs to be pasted into the text field.
  • The post can now be shared by the ambassador.
  • Repeat this process for every post on Instagram or Facebook.

Read this article on how to share on personal accounts for more in-depth information. 

Important: Ambassadors need to have the Facebook and Instagram apps installed on their phones to share on these platforms. 
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