Edit or delete scheduled posts

Learn how to edit or delete posts you've already scheduled.
Written by Stefan Kapteijns
Updated 1 year ago

Editing a post

You can make changes to an already scheduled post in the Content Planning overview. You can use both the planning and list view to make changes to a post.

  • Go to Posts & Planning in the left sidebar. You'll find an overview of all of your scheduled posts here. (If you haven't created Topics, please use the list view to see your posts.) 
  • Hover over the post you want to Edit.
  • Select the Edit icon.
  • The Composer will now open and allows you to change everything. You can change the entire post, create new variations, and even select extra brand ambassadors or pages.

    Good to know: you can only edit the post if the post hasn't been shared yet by your team members. Posts that have already been shared, need to be edited on the social media platform they were posted on.

Deleting a post

  • Go to the List view in your Planning & Posts overview. 
  • Select the post you want to Delete.
  • In the lower right corner, the Delete selected button appears. Click on the button and confirm your request. Your post will now be deleted.

    Good to know: Posts that already have been shared by your team will not be deleted from the social media platforms. Only posts that haven't been shared yet will be deleted.

    Please go to the social media platforms to delete posts that have already been shared. 
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