Why is my post not shared?

Check these troubleshooting tips about why posts are not being shared.
Written by Stefan Kapteijns
Updated 1 year ago

There are multiple reasons why sometimes posts are not being shared to your accounts, even if you shared or accepted them with Apostle. 

Find solutions to the most common reasons why posts are not being shared here:

  1. Your connection is broken.
    Apostle relies on your connection to be able to post to your accounts. These connections need to be refreshed every once in a while, due to security reasons. You will automatically receive an email with a reconnect request. However, if you missed this email you can manually refresh your connections to solve this issue. 
  2. Your post media exceeds the platform limits.
    Check out our Cheat sheet to make sure you are not exceeding any limits of the social media platforms. They support image and video sizes to a certain extend. If you exceed those limits, posts will not be shared. 
  3. Your video is too large or too long. 
    All social media platforms allow different types of video sizes and lengths to be posted through their API. Use our Cheat sheet to make sure you are not exceeding any of their limits.
  4. Your brand ambassador did not accept/share the post
    Always make sure your team of brand ambassadors shares the post through email or with the mobile app. Without their acceptance, the posts will never be shared to their accounts. You can check the approvals on a post level in the Posts & Planning overview in your platform. 
Please note: Apostle tries to warn you in all of the above mentioned situations. Please make sure you always check our warnings before posting to avoid posts not being shared. 

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